Bo Sang/San Kamphaeng Handicrafts Fair in January

Bo Sang village in San Kamphaeng district of Chiang Mai is renowned as the "umbrella village" on account of its exquisitely hand-painted paper umbrellas. Every January, the village will organize the Bo Sang Umbrella Fair & San Kamphaeng Handicrafts Festival, featuring umbrella making and painting as well as and other handicraft products.

During the fair, all shops and stores will be vividly decorated in the Lanna Thai style, and turn Bo Sang into a picturesque village. The fair features colorful umbrella making and painting, contests, exhibitions, as well as cultural performances, sales of handicraft products, and a Miss Bo Sang beauty contest.

chang mai flower festival

Chiang Mai Flower Festival in February

The north is noted for its rich variety of flowering plants, particularly temperate-climate specimens which bloom during this cool month. Chiang Mai, Thailand has been called “The Rose of the North,” and it’s especially true during the first weekend of February. One of the most popular annual festivals is the Chiang Mai Flower Festival. The locals in Chiang Mai never miss this special event, and it also draws tourists from allover the country.


Songkran Festival in April from 13th-15th

Songkran is the traditional Thai NewYear, an occassion when families reunite to pay respect to the parents and elderly by pouring water on the hands and, in return, the elderly give out blessings. Songkran celebrations include religious ceremonies, water pouring and public festivities, such as beauty contests, parades and marching bands.

Anyone who ventures out on the streets is likely to get a thorough soaking, but all in a spirit of goodwill, blessing and fun, which can be refreshing at the peak of the hot season.

surin elephants

Surin Elephant
Round-Up Show in November

Surin, Inroduced in 1960, this internationally famous yearly event attracts people from all over the world to Surin to see more than on hundred elephants participate in spectacular shows that include colourful processions, tug-of-war between elephants and men, demonstrations of log-pulling skills, and various other extraordinary feats set in a carnival atmosphere.

Thai Kings Birthday

HM The King's Birthday in Bangkok in December

As the longest serving Monach in the world the king of Thailand is highly respected. He is also one of the richest in the world today and his birthday celebrations are always a spectacular occasion. The kings birthday takes precedence over all his birthday celebrations. See coloured lights and decorations around Ratchadamnoen Avenue and the Grand Palace and head to the Sanam Luang field for a festival of music and Thai culture. There are fireworks and a candle ceremony and there is also the chance to see the king speed by on his motorcycle to the wild enjoyment of the crowds that attend the event.

Pichit Boat Race

Phichit Boat Races in September

The spectacular annual rowing regatta in Phichit takes place on the Nan River, which runs through the provincial capital. Low-slung wooden boats rowed to the hearty cheers of spectators make this an exciting day out. There are plenty of stalls stalls selling guava, tamarind sweets and local handicrafts to keep people amused before during and after the races. The winning boat gets a "Royal Trophy" from the King himself.

Pichit Boat Race

Royal Ploughing Ceremony in May

Presided over by the King and Queen at Sanam Luang in Bangkok, this ancient Brahmin festival marks the beginning of the rice-planting season, which is the most important crop of Thailand. Predictions are made about weather and harvests for the coming year on the basis of which of the selected foods the sacred cows choose. The date isn’t fixed as it depends on lunar cycles and astrological predictions, but it is usually held in May.

Pichit Boat Race

Rocket Festival in May

Prior to the annual monsoons, Northeast villagers construct gigantic rockets to fire into the sky to 'ensure' plentiful rain during the forthcoming rice season. The Rocket Festival is traditionally a period for letting off steam before the ardous field work begins. The Festival features beauty parades, folk dances and high-spirited celebrations before the rockets are eventually launched. The best place to be is in Yasothon, north-east Thailand. There will also be plentiful food on offer.

phuket vegetarian festival

Phuket Vegetarian Festival in Sept/Oct

A colourful event held over a nine day period in late September/early October, this celebrates the Chinese community's belief that abstinence from meat and various stimulants during the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar will help them obtain good health and peace of mind. Not for the faint hearted as you will witness many participants piercing their tongues, cheeks, and other parts of the anatomy with sharp implements. There is apparently no pain and little injury suffered by the people who take part.

Lopburi Monkey Buffet

Lopburi Monkey Buffet Festival in November

The locals in Lopburi village are so grateful for the thousands of tourists that their 200 or so primates attract each year that they thank them with a massive feast. Treats including grilled sausages, fresh fruit and vegetables and ice cream are set in front of the Pra Prang Sam Yot temple. Historically, it’s held in honour of King Rama, who rewarded his ally Hanuman (the monkey king) with the land that eventually became Lopburi.



pattaya music festival

Pattaya Music Festival
in March

Thailand's biggest music festival held in the famous beach resort of Pattaya. The Festival invites all music lovers, including tourists to enjoy the first summer's breeze. Among many other entertainments, Rock, Pop, Jazz, or Hip Hop can it be fun for all. Pattaya Music Festival can be a wonderful way to enjoy your weekend. Held generally in the month of March every year,

Pattaya Music Festival is held in the evenings. Tourists also enjoy the gala bonanza and participate actively in the hip-hop dances of the crowd. This annual event emphasizes the love for music by the city dwellers who make most of the event.


huahin jazz

Hua Hin Jazz Festival in June

Jazz music lovers head towards Hua Hin in June where they can enjoy a music festival that delivers the best jazz and blue bands from around Asia. Hua Hin has been associated with the country’s jazz community since the 1950s and the jazz festival is organised annually in honour of the musical talents of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The Festival brings the mellow sounds of jazz to the Gulf of Thailand. Performances usually take place atopen-air stages located along the main road linking the railway station to the beach.

loi krathong

Loi Krathong Festival in November

Loi Krathong is an old ritual in which the Thai people ask for forgiveness and blessing from Goddess of the River (Phra Mae Kongkha).On this particular night, on nearly every expanse of water, be it a river, lake or the ocean, you'll notice thousands of lights. Drifting across the water like fairy dreams. Gently flickering, dipping and dancing in the breeze as they go, making a spectacular sight.Thailand's 'festival of lights'.

Held yearly, on the evening of the twelfth lunar month, it is the time of year when the waters around the country become alive with candlelight and look not unlike massive fairy ballrooms.

candle festival

Candle Festival Ubon Ratchathani in October

Khao Phansa, or the Buddhist Lent, is the time, when all Buddhist monks must stay in their temples. In Ubon Ratchathani, a unique festival that highlights the talented skills of local artisans as well as display of religious devotion is held each year. Elaborately carved bees wax candles of various sizes and shapes are exhibited in high-spirited processions around the city before being presentation to local temples.

loi krathong

Illuminated Boat Procession Sept/Oct

A spectacular procession of illuminated boats can be seen on the Mekhong River in extreme North Eastern Thailand An enchanting spectacle that has given the water-borne procession its very name - 'Lai Reua Fai', which literally means to set afloat a 'fire boat' . This dazzling event marks the end of the Buddhist Lent or 'Ok pansa' and is accompanied by a colourful street procession and cultural performances. Locals pay their respects with beautifully decorated bamboo and banana leaf boats, which contain candles and other offerings to Lord Buddha.

chang mai flower festival

Golden Mount Fair in November

A religious ceremony that takes place around November at the Wat Saket Temple in Bangkok. In the early evening as darkness falls there is a candle lit procession of Buddhists who wish to pay homage to the relic of the Lord Buddha which is kept at the summit up the Golden Mount. The following day there are cultural shows and folk music scattered across the temple grounds as well as traditional foods from the large choice of food stalls. There are also toys and gifts to be found for the children. Admission to the fair is free.

Pichit Boat Race

Chon Buri Buffalo Races in October

Buffalos compete in races and contests pitting the strength of man against that of his faithful farm animal. Not one of the better known events but is eagerly attended by people in the region. A truly exciting sport for the people of Pattaya, there are also other events such as the buffalo fancy dress contest as well as the Miss Farmer Pageant. Elaborately dressed in silk and satin, water buffaloes are taken in processions to determine the best-dressed and healthiest which all add to the spectacle of this very engaging day.

Pichit Boat Race

River Kwai Bridge Week in Nov/Dec

Each year in late November to early December, the world famouse River Kwai Bridge becomes the centre of celebrations. Highlights include historical exhibitions, a carnival, cultural performance, rides on World War II vintage trains, and a spectacular light and sound presentation re-enacting the bridge's World War II history.The Kanchanburi province has become famous due to this festival.

Silk Festival

Silk / Phuk Seow Festival Nov/Dec

Internationally, Thailand has always been famous for its lustrous silk. One of the major centres of silk production, Khon Kaen is the venue of a fair to promote silk weaving and sericulture. This event is held in conjunction with the Phuk Siao friendship ritual of the northeast. Colourful street processions and typical I-san cultural shows as well as exhibits on the silk industry add to the fun of the fair.

Queens birthday

Her Majesty The Queen's Birthday Celebration in August

Celebrations to honour Her Majesty Queen Sirikit on the occasion of her royal birthday, the Thai people decorate their houses and public buildings. Around Bangkok, Ratchadamnoen Avenue, the area around the Grand Palace and other well-know locations are bedecked with coloured lights and magnificent adornments.

Thai Festivals and Events There are several well established annual Thai Festivals in the UK and each year they prove to be more popular than the last. It is estimated that there are well over thirty thousand Thais living in the UK which helps to ensure that the festival season is well supported. Here is a list of Thai Events and Festivals that will be taking place in 2019 in the UK.

Contact details for the organisers of the events are shown on each listing. If you are organising an event yourself we will be happy to help you promote it on these pages, as well as informing our mailing list, for free. If you know of a Thai event we have not listed, and you would like us to list, please get in touch. info@tasteofthai.co.uk

You can also post a comment or suggestion on our NEW comments page too. Click here to visit the comments.

We actively promote these events for the organisers FOR FREE. We are happy to promote most events here proving they are Thai related.

(even if you can't attend them)

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All our events information comes directly from the organisers of each event. Events are only listed when confirmed. Any changes to dates or times shon will be posted on our events page well in advance of any event taking place. The information for each event is subject to change Taste of Thai is not directly involved in arranging any of the events or festivals shown, except for helping to promote them.

Cambridge Uni Thai Food Festival 2019
2nd FEBRUARY 2019

St Andrew's Street Baptist Church

Thai & Multi Cultural Food Festival
11th - 12th MAY 2019

Millenium Square BR1 5DB

Contact organiser

Epsom Pop Up Thai Taster Fesival
Sunday 19th MAY 2019

Epsom Clock Tower Market Square KT19 8BA

Contact Organiser

Country Market Bordon Thai Festival
Saturday 25th MAY 2019 Sunday 26th MAY 2019

Country Market, Malthouse & Osborne Farms, Kingsley, Bordon, Hampshire GU35 0QP

Contact Organiser

Warwick Thai Festival
1st - 2nd JUNE 2019

Warwick Racecourse, Hampton Street,
Warwick, CV34 6HN

Contact Organiser

Basingstoke Thai Festival
8th - 9th JUNE 2019

War Memorial Park

Contact Organiser

Oxford Thai Festival
15th - 16th JUNE 2019

Botley Park, Botley Road OX2 0BT

Contact Organiser

Epsom Thai Festival
16th JUNE 2019

Hook Road Arena, West Ewell, Surrey KT19 8QW

Contact Organiser

Poole Thai Festival
22nd - 23rd JUNE 2019

Harbourside Park

Contact Organiser

Manchester Thai Festival
28th - 30th JUNE 2019

Platt Fields Park

Contact Organiser

Southampton Thai Festival
6th - 7h JULY 2019

Hoglands Park, Palmerston Road,
Southampton SO14 1NL

Contact Organiser

Norwich Thai Festival
13th - 14th JULY 2019

Eaton Park

Contact Orgaiser

Leicester Thai Festival
20th - 21st JULY 2019

Victoria Park

Contact Organiser

Southsea Thai Festival
JULY 27th to JULY 28th 2019

Castle Field, Southsea. On street parking facilities

Contact Organiser

Cambridge Thai Festival
3rd - 4th AUGUST 2019

Parker's Piece

Contact Organiser

Nottingham Thai Festival
AUGUST 10th to AUGUST 11th 2019

Forest Recreation Ground (Goosefair site)

Contact Organiser


Goldalming Thai Festival
AUGUST 10th to AUGUST 11th 2019

Bury's Field, GU7 1HR

Contact Organiser

Brighton Thai Festival
17th - 18th AUGUST 2019

Preston Park

Contact Organiser

Reading Thai Festival
AUGUST 17th - AUGUST 18th 2019

Prospect Park, Reading. FREE PARKING.

Contact Organiser

Milton Keynes Thai Festival
31st AUGUST - 1st SEPTEMBER 2019

Campbell Park

Contact Organiser





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